• Are Your Searching In Vain For The Causes of Hair Loss?

    Trying to find out what causes hair to fall out is often very hard to do. This is because there are so many different causes of hair loss, there is no one common denominator that one can look to. Causes of hair loss range from heredity, an anti-immune condition, stress, hormonal changes, diet, rest and hair care. In order to find out what is causing your hair loss, you should first visit your doctor. He/She will do a series of test to try to find the cause and discuss the possible treatments for your particular hairloss.

    If the causes of hair loss have to do with medication, such as chemotherapy or certain antibiotics, then your hair will start to grow back once you complete the regimen of treatment. There is no need to consider any hair regrowth systems because the hair loss situation is only temporary. What many people do not realize is that diet plays a big part in healthy hair. Research has shown that a diet low in certain B vitamins is one of the causes of hair loss. You can watch your diet and increase the foods that contain these essential elements or you can take a vitamin supplement. While this is a healthy practice in itself, taking too many vitamins for hair regrowth could have the opposite effect and also cause hair loss.

    If you have a condition known as alopecia, then there are no hair regrowth systems that will help you regrow your natural hair. There is no cure for this condition, although many advertised products would have you believe there is. Many of the commercial products that claim to be able to regrow hair, and while they do work for some customers there is no guarantee that they will work for you. If the doctor determines that the cause of hair loss in your case is not medical, then you can try some of the hair regrowth systems on the market.

    One of the surgical hair regrowth systems that men and women commonly use is the hair transplant. Older methods of this system meant taking patches of skin containing hair, dissecting it into hair grafts and then grafting it back on to the scalp so that it would grow together as a normal head of hair. There are also more modern methods of this system, such as gluing synthetic hair onto the scalp - almost like wearing a permanent wig. This method is also one of the causes of hairloss because when you pull if off, you also take hairs off your head.

    Another of the hair regrowth systems is the hair weave. With this system, as with all others, the surgeon has to make sure you have had a regular check up to make sure there are no underlying medical causes of hairloss. With the hair weave, the foundation fabric of a hair piece is actually woven underneath your existing hair. This does tend to come loose and will have to be retightened every few months, which will cost you money. However, having this done at regular intervals is no more expensive than going to the hairdresser every week.

    There are many causes of hair loss, if you are worried about your hair loss the first step is to find out what is causing yours.

    If you notice your hair thinning, this might not be any immediate cause for alarm. There can be any number of reasons why this is happening.