• Hair Loss Is a Cause for Concern

    Losing hair is not only a cosmetic problem though it can't be denied that it can bring down your self-confidence and self esteem to a worrying degree. Hair loss can be indicative of more serious problems as well. So, the sooner we do something about it the better it is.

    Let's begin by understanding what it is and how it is caused. Baldness or alopecia is a state of losing excessive hair. You must know that losing 50 to 100 hairs in a day is considered normal. It's when you lose more than that you should sit up and take note of the problem. Baldness can be the result of heredity, certain medications or an underlying medical condition. Anyone - men, women and children - can experience hair loss. However, in most cases it is caused by today's stressful lifestyle, long working hours, pollution, poor diet, combined with alcohol, drugs and smoking.

    There's not much you can do about factors like heredity, but you can correct the other factors and improve the quality of your hair. Remember, hair loss is not an irreversible process. Hair is a bi-product of blood. Therefore to treat the hair and scalp, you cannot obtain a good result by using topical lotions alone. You cannot feed the hair externally. If you could, the shampoo or conditioner would do wonders. It is logical therefore to take care of your scalp and the composition of your blood. The composition of your blood and state of your scalp determine the quality and growth of your hair.

    Your overall diet affects your blood. You must supplement your diet with live enzymes to help absorb vitamins in the body. They are normally only found in raw fruit and vegetables and uncooked food. You should drink lots of water also. Never comb your wet hair and never use a thin comb. Also avoid hot air dryers; let the hair dry naturally.

    Stimulating the scalp is another way to tackle the problem of hair loss. You should massage your scalp with a tangy lotion to increase the blood flow around the hair follicles. Nourishments reaching the hair follicles will stimulate the hair to grow much fuller, shinier and healthier.

    If you are losing large amounts of hair, see a physician. Hair loss may be caused by some health conditions such as high cholesterol levels. Often the hair grows back when the cause is corrected

    If hair loss occurs at an age when you can afford to let it be, you should let your hair loss run its course untreated and unhidden. However, if it happens when you're still too young to go around with a baldhead you may either cover it up with hairstyles, makeup, hats or scarves or choose one of the medications and surgical procedures that are available to treat hair loss. But, before pursuing any of these treatment options, talk to your doctor about the cause and best possible treatment for your hair loss.

    Womens hair loss is almost as common as mens, and more common than many realise. And as her hair is a more important part of her look, womens hair loss can cause more severe psychological distress for women than for men.