• Guide to Shaving Pubic Hair

    Getting the decision to start shaving your pubic hair is easy. Doing it is a bit more difficult.

    Using the guidelines in this article, you will find that pubic hair shave can be a simple task.

    First, is your pubic hair shave decision final? Make sure you are aware of the possible consequences and side effects of pubic hair shave. Remember, you can not stop shaving your pubic hair once you start doing it.

    We suggest that your partner will help you with your first pubic hair shave. However, you can do it yourself.

    Follow the following steps in the guide to shaving pubic hair:

    1. Buy the proper products. You must get a razor and a shaving cream before going on with the other steps.

    Do not use a male shaving cream or soap. You can easily find specialized creams for female shaving suitable for your skin type.

    Likewise, you must not use switch blade razor or a disposable razor. You should buy a female safety razor which can be used to pubic hair shaving.

    2. Cut off your pubic hair. The worst step people do is shaving their pubic hair without clipping it first. Doing so will damage the razor and cause unnecessary pain. Clip your pubic hair using a pair of sharp scissors. Your pubic hair should be as short as possible.

    Notice that you will have to do this step only on the first time.

    3. Get ready for pubic hair shaving. Clean the area to be shaved. In order to avoid irritated skin and pimples afterwards and for the most effective pubic hair shave, prepare yourself.

    Get a hot shower or bath, splashing a lot of water on your pubic hair. After the shower dry yourself properly and make sure your pubic hair is dry and clean before moving to the next step.

    4. Now you are ready to shave. Apply shaving cream generously on your pubic hair. Straighten your skin with one hand and gently shave with the other hand. Move the razor in the counter direction of your hair slowly.

    You can shave the same area more than time but make sure you have enough cream on the pubic hair area.

    5. After you are satisfied with the outcome of the pubic hair shave, wash generously with warm water the shaved area until it is clean.

    6. Aftercare - Use baby oil or aloe vera gel to protect your skin.

    Follow those steps in order to make pubic hair shave easy and effective. Good luck.

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