• Removing Pubic Hair Methods

    Shaving is the most common removing pubic hair method. However, it is not the only one.

    After you have decided you want to remove your pubic hair, you will have to examine the different methods for removing pubic hair and decide which one is the best for you.

    The following lines include a brief glance of the existing pubic hair removal methods:

    1. Shaving - razor shaving is the most popular removing pubic hair method. One should shave his pubic hair area carefully and gently using a proper razor and shaving cream. Make sure you wash and clean your pubic hair area before and after the shave.

    2. Hair removal creams - those can cause lots of pain and allergic reactions. However, they are very effective in removing pubic hair. We suggest you test in on a harmless spot like your back or the inside of your elbow to check for possible allergic reactions. If your skin gets red or itchy for a long period of time (more than 3 hours) do use it. Again, wash you pubic hair area carefully after using this removing pubic hair method.

    3. Waxing - We strongly suggest avoiding using wax for removing pubic hair. Most of the women can not stand the pain and the outcome is as good as the other removing pubic hair methods.

    4. Electrolysis - A permanent pubic hair removing methods using electric shocks. It can be done in a hair salon or at home after purchasing a personal device. This method is very expensive (It may cost more than a thousand dollars). It also painful in most cases but this method provides a permanent pubic hair removal.

    5. Pulling - We got to know in our research quite a few women who prefer pull their pubic hair out. It takes time, Its painful but it involves a satisfaction.

    Now you can make the proper decision on the best removing pubic hair method for you. Good luck.

    A disease of unknown cause in which well-defined bald patches occur, usually on the head and other hairy parts of the body. The condition typically clears without treatment; recurrences are common.