• Use A Home Remedy As A Hair Loss Cure

    Although most doctors will tell you there is no such thing as a hair loss cure, there are many products on the market proposing that they can cure your hairloss problem. One of these is Rogaine, a topical treatment that you have to apply to the scalp twice a day. However, this treatment is not a hair loss cure because once you stop using it, you start to lose your hair again. If you look at the list of ingredients in this hair loss product, you will see that the main one is alcohol. This is one of the top ingredients that has been used for years in hairloss cures.

    People have always searched for a cure for baldness. Way back in the early part of the 20th century, seven sisters claimed they had a hair loss cure. They used the proof of pictures of their father as a bald man and then with a full head of hair to show that their hairloss cure worked. The ingredients they used were alcohol, borox and quinine - toxic ingredients that one would never think of equating with a hair loss cure. Even back then, people were searching for a way to regain their hair because these sisters made a fascinating profit selling the product.

    The product they developed is the basis on which modern day hair loss cures are based. With this product you wet a piece of white flannel cloth, the precise size of your head, with the solution. Keep it on your head overnight and if you need to, wear a cap to keep it in place. According to the reports written about this cure for baldness, the solution helps to loosen the matter that is caked on the hair follicles causing them to stop growing. The solution penetrates into the roots and helps to rejuvenate them. This is the same principle that hair loss cures are based on today.

    The problem with a hair loss cure is that if it works, why are there so many different products on the market. If an actual cure for baldness were found, it would be in the headlines of all the major newspapers and magazines. While these so-called hairloss cures may work and spur hair growth, the process takes a long time and anyone using the products has to have a lot of patience. They don't work overnight and in a small percentage of cases they don't work at all.

    Hair loss cures certainly have an interesting history!

    Hair transplant surgery is very common these days. As hair loss is such a big problem for so many people, and as hair transplant surgery becomes more and more effective, it is more in demand.